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Creating Standards for Quality Translations

Creating quality translation involves so much more than just swapping out words from one language to the next. You want to be certain the terminology, the meaning behind the words is accurate, too. Mistakes can be costly, embarrassing and, in the case of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, life threatening.


Our Process

OmniLingua Worldwide builds quality throughout our process—but we go even deeper than that. As standard procedure, we also rely on the SAE J2450 quality metric standard to measure linguistic translation quality—at no extra cost to you!

Leading the Way

About a decade ago, OmniLingua Worldwide worked under General Motors’ direction to help establish the SAE J2450 standard for the automotive industry. This successful endeavor led OmniLingua to drive adoption of this standard to the healthcare industry. In fact, we chaired the committee for most of this standard’s existence.

How it Works

The J2450 applies rules of Statistical Process Control to compute a weighted, numeric score that represents the quality of the translation based on such categories as wrong term, wrong meaning, omission, structural error, misspelling, and punctuation error. We share this information directly with you. Unlike most translation companies that rely on internal inspection to get at the quality of your translation, the J2450 scores tell you exactly the level of quality you are receiving. We also use the J2450 to test incoming translators and to improve overall quality.

Obsessed about Quality

We’re so committed to quality that we have on retainer the services of an advanced-degreed statistician, with more than 20 years’ experience, to evaluate our J2450 process, verify the theories and methods, as well as the data we collect and share with our clients.

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Linguistic Quality Assessment
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