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Client: One of the top three medical device companies and a leading provider of imaging systems, customer services, information and monitoring systems.

Challenge: To enable simultaneous shipment of all product documentation in 20-plus languages—while maintaining quality and decreasing costs.

To ensure OmniLingua Worldwide met this challenge, we:
  • Collaborated with subject matter experts to build quality into the process, instead of relying on inspection and rework validated through SAE J2450
  • Collaborated with authoring team to consolidate three documentation sets into one and to establish controlled authoring procedures (i.e., standard template, terminology and style)
  • Revised consolidated documentation set to optimize leveraging (i.e., standardize spacing, bullets, formats)
  • Implemented intelligent leveraging strategies to maximize advantages of content reuse
  • Removed process waste by establishing and honing standardized workflow with stable translation teams

Result: OmniLingua Worldwide was able to meet the client’s requested deliveries while improving quality and lowering overall cost as a result of process improvement based on statistical evidence. Specifically, OmniLingua:

  • Documented reduction of linguistic variability as measured by SAE J2450 metric
  • Consistently delivered on time or early (+/- one day variance to requested delivery date   since 2003 by 50 million words processed)
  • Reduced unit word price by 89 percent since 2001, increasing average leveraging rates to 93 percent

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