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OmniLingua wants to tailor and synchronize our translation and localization processes with yours. Our goal: Seamless integration throughout the duration of your project. Bottom line: We want to make efficient and optimum use of your time and resources. Our measurably better quality relies on highly trained and professional Project Managers working in our proprietary project management workflow system, OTIS●project.

Our Proven Value

Global enterprises view localization of user and technical information as a key driver of customer satisfaction and market growth.  How can you add translation to your communications without adding new staff and IT infrastructure?  This is where OmniLingua Worldwide can step in to support all your required translation activity. We offer:
  • Centralized Workflow Management System (OTIS●project)
  • Full client access to project data 24/7
  • Integration with client side Content Management (CMS) systems
  • Documented, validated processes hard-wired to meet exacting regulatory requirements
  • Compliance with FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines
  • Complete security, full file archiving and disaster recovery built into system
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If you want to learn more about how our project management technology can help improve your project’s efficiency and quality, please contact us.
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