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Machine Translation

The potential for machine translation (MT) has been anticipated and debated for decades with much of that time delivering disappointment. However, OmniLingua Worldwide is happy to share that the time for real application of machine translation technology into the localization process has finally arrived.

Our Philosophy

All told, OmniLingua has processed well over a billion words through MT. We maintain that MT is best suited for large documentation sets where minor variations in output are not crucial to the end user. We specialize in machine translations for service information, especially service manual content. Structured content, especially SGML/XML, is a strong point for us. Special note: All MT projects are still reviewed and edited by human translators with specific industry experience to guarantee quality.

Our Expertise

At OmniLingua, we not only believe there is a time and a place for the use of machine translation—we proved it. Before we ever deployed our first machine translation server (as one of the very first service providers to adopt this technology), we conducted a scientific double-blind study to prove whether the use of machine translation would improve localization cycles while providing equivalent quality. The results: Unequivocally ‘yes’—even to the surprise of our researchers. That began our expertise in the deployment of MT for our clients. In the more than five years since, we have expanded our use of MT where appropriate.

Quality Focused

OmniLingua’s goal is always to improve efficiency, quality and budget management. Of paramount importance, of course, is maintaining tight linguistic parameters—as well as the integrity and structure of the original text through to the translated version. While full automation of the translation process may occur someday, for now machine-aided human translation and human-aided machine translation is the ideal. Of special note: We still monitor quality with SAE J2450 metrics to ensure we’re hitting the appropriate quality levels—every time.

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